What's New in This Guide for Release

For Release, this guide has been updated in several ways. The following table lists the sections that have been added or changed.

For changes made to Oracle JDeveloper and Oracle Application Development Framework (Oracle ADF) for this release, see the New Features page on the Oracle Technology Network at http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/developer-tools/jdev/documentation/index.html.

Sections Change Description
Chapter 5 Defining SQL Queries Using View Objects  
Section 5.2.3, "How to Create an Expert Mode, Read-Only View Object" Revised section to describe a best practice for specifying a key attribute when creating read-only view objects.
Chapter 10 Sharing Application Module View Instances  
Section 10.3.1, "How to Create a Base View Object Definition for a Lookup Table" Revised section to include best practice of selecting a key attribute for read-only view objects that you create for lookup tables.
Chapter 13 Integrating Web Services Into a Fusion Web Application  
Section 13.3.2, "How to Include a Header Parameter for a Web Service Data Control" Added section to describe how to include support for adding an enterprise ID to the HTTP header when invoking the SOAP request.
Chapter 17 Using Task Flows as Regions  
Section 17.5.1, "How to Configure the Refresh of an ADF Region" Revised section to clarify that a parent component (for example, a popup or panelTabbed component) with a childCreation attribute effects the refresh behavior of an ADF region.
Chapter 18 Creating Complex Task Flows  
Section 18.7.3, "What You May Need to Know About the Database Table for Save Points" Added section to describe the adfc_cleanup_save_point_table.sql and adfc_create_save_point_table.sql SQL scripts that can be used to manage save points in the ORADFCSAVPT database table.
Chapter 34 Customizing Applications with MDS  
Section, "Editing Resource Bundles in Customized Applications" Revised section to describe the need for tagging the bundleId element in adf-config.xml with override="true" to make a resource bundle overrideable.
Chapter 36 Deploying Fusion Web Applications  
Section 36.3.7, "What You May Need to Know About JDBC Data Source for Oracle WebLogic Server" Revised section to describe limitation about running an Oracle ADF application with a data source created for an XA database.
Chapter 37 Extending Business Component Functionality  
Section 37.8.3, "How to Display Customize Error Messages as Nested Exceptions" Added section to describe how to override skipException() method in the custom error handler.
Chapter 39 Advanced View Object Techniques  
Section 39.6.2, "How To Create a View Object with a Polymorphic Entity Usage" Revised section to update the procedure for creating a view object based on a polymorphic entity usage.
Section 39.10, "Programmatically Creating View Definitions and View Objects" Added section to describe the use of the oracle.jbo.server.ViewDefImpl API.
Chapter 41 Tuning Application Module Pools and Connection Pools  
Section 41.2.7, "What You May Need to Know About Application Module Pool Parameters" Revised section to add best practice when enabling failover passivation that involves configuring a pool parameter for Oracle WebLogic Server.