This image shows an example of the Configure End Points screen. The Server Name/Node Name is currently set to OracleAdminServer/Machine1Node01. The End Point Type table in the bottom half of the screen shows the configured end points for this server. From top to bottom, the Host column is set to asterisk (*) for the Admin, Admin Secure (SSL), HTTP, and HTTP Secure (SSL) end points, and to for the SOAP, SIBus, SIBus Secure (SSL), Bootstrap, ORB, and SAS Secure (SSL) end points. From top to bottom, the Port column values are 9000, 9001, 9002, 9003, 8883, 7200, 7201, 2800, 9500, and 9400. The Enable/Disable check box for each end point is selected, which means that all ports are enabled. A scroll bar on the right of the table allows you to scroll up and down the list. Above the table is an icon for Discard Changes.