What's New

What's new in Release Faster performance, simplified connection interfaces, and enhanced design-time experience to name a few. Read this quick-reference page for a concise summary of what's new in this release and for pointers to more detailed information.


Release is part of a patch set. A patch set is a single-installation collection of patches that are designed to be applied together. Patching involves copying a small collection of files over an existing installation.

A patch is normally associated with a particular version of an Oracle product and involves updating from one minor version of the product to a newer minor version of the same product (for example, from Release to Release

All users must install the Release patch set for continued support.

New Features for Release

The following table lists and describes new features in this release and provides links to more detailed information in our guides.

Feature Description For More Information, See…


More special characters allowed in blog names:

  • When you create a blog, you can now use the following special characters in blog names in addition to letters and numbers:

    ? \ / : [ ] * ' " |

Enhanced commenting:

  • Commenting is now available when you view the list of blog entries and not on just the entry itself.


More technologies certified against the WebCenter Portal application platform:

  • Microsoft Lync 2010 for IMP

  • WebSphere Application Server V7

  • Internet Explorer 9 Browser

  • Chrome Browser 10 and chrome support

  • Microsoft Office 2010 on Windows XP (32-bit and 64 bit)

Discussions service

  • Discussions task flows are streamlined for greater ease of use.

Documents service

  • Follow a clearer set of steps to connect to the Oracle WebCenter Content repository.

  • Upload multiple files from your desktop by drag and drop.

  • Select and upload multiple files from the Document Explorer in one step.

  • View file upload progress.

  • Share documents more easily.

  • Perform in-context workflow approval. Approver can view and approve or reject unreleased content from the contribution mode without needing to enter edit mode.

  • Enter contribution approval mode on a page with content (either HTML or Site Studio) in a workflow. View and approve or reject unreleased content from contribution approval mode without entering edit mode.

Events service

  • Task flows are streamlined to enhance usability. For example, users can now view links to events from both calendar and list views.


  • Subscription messages now use IMIP rather than iCal for notifications about events. Consequently, event notifications are added automatically to your Outlook Calendar, without your having to open the notification attachment and add it yourself.

Pagelet Producer

More robust Pagelet Producer:

  • Use SharePoint web parts, including those requiring Kerberos authentication.

  • Includes support for logging of HTTP traffic between a proxy and a resource.

  • Added detailed pagelet debug logging.

  • Available as a unified producer for non-standards-compliant web applications.

  • Enables consumption of gadgets from other OpenSocial containers, such as iGoogle, and exposure of them as pagelets that can be consumed by WebCenter Portal sites, other Oracle portals, or Oracle Web Content Management for WebCenter sites.

  • Enables production of OpenSocial gadgets and exposure of all existing pagelets as gadgets.


  • New Administrator-level Delete Personalization option enables removal of all users' customizations from business role pages or personal pages in one step.

  • New system pages are available to support viewing and managing application metrics, space memberships, spaces, and space templates.

  • The Subscribe system page is now named Self-Service Membership to more-closely reflect its use case.


Accelerated performance at design time and runtime:

  • Experience faster initial page downloads.

  • Realize faster creation times for WebCenter Portal: Framework applications.


Portlet producers

  • New Enterprise 2.0 portlet producer is available for exposing task flows from WebCenter Portal services as portlets. Integrate portlets with WebCenter Portal applications, Oracle WebLogic Portal, and Oracle WebCenter Interaction.

    The new Enterprise 2.0 portlet producer is certified with WebSphere, MySQL, Internet Explorer 9, and Chrome 10.


  • Upload multiple files at once through the Publisher task flow.

Search service

  • There are more task flow parameters to limit the scope of searches. Administrators can narrow the scope of searches to specific spaces, services, and document types. They also can add attributes to the list of standard attributes returned with each search result item, and they can hide standard refiners available to users with search results.

  • You can now build portals using a navigation model that enables SES and public search engines, such as Google and Bing, to crawl and index the full text content of pages.


  • Support is available for dynamically determining group membership via integration with Oracle Entitlements Server 10g.

Tags service

  • We have updated the edit tags user interface in the Document Explorer task flow.

  • The Tags button component and the Edit Tags task flow have a new parameter that enables developers to disable the Shared control.

  • The previously-named "Tag Cloud" task flow is now called the "Tag Selection" task flow; and a new standalone Tag Cloud task flow is available in the design-time catalog.


  • Access wiki creation features with greater ease: Use a New Wiki Document button in a Documents service task flow or in the wiki itself.

  • Experience improved performance in loading wikis, launching the wiki editor, and saving changes to your wiki.