Oracle® Fusion Middleware

Developer's Guide for Oracle WebCenter Portal

11g Release 1 (


December 2012

Oracle Fusion Middleware Developer's Guide for Oracle WebCenter Portal, 11g Release 1 (


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Primary Author:  William Witman

Contributing Authors: Ingrid Snedecor, Jennifer Shipman, Joan Carter, Lalithashree Rajesh, Michele Cyran, Peter Jacobsen, Promila Chitkara, Rosie Harvey, Sarah Bernau, Savita Thakur, Sue Highmoor, Tom Maremaa

Contributor: Randy Akl, Maheswaran Anantharaman, Sivakumar Balagopalan, Rahmathulla Baig, Ravishankar Belavadi, Chris Broadbent, Steve Burns, Chris Carter, Chung Cheng, Demetris Christou, Vicki Chun, Ross Clewley, Manish Devgan, Marcus Diaz, Sumit Dubey, Frans Effendi, Paul Encarnacion, Gaurav Mittal, Jeni Ferns, Robin Fisher, Michael Freedman, Nick Greenhalgh, Christian Hauser, Harsha Huddar, Hsing Huang, Clayton Jung, Medini Kakade, Hrishikesh Karambelkar, Seshan Kennan, Sanjay Khanna, Vasant Kumar, Paul Lin, Yueh-Hong Lin, Alison Macmillan, George Maggessy, Pankaj Mittal, Dan Mullen, Lei Oh, Nicolas Pombourcq, Prabhakar Munnangi Reddy, Puvanenthiran Subbaraj, Rajesh Ramachandran, Sripathy Rao, Shubha Rangarajan, Shakeb Sagheer, Raghu Sampathkrishna, Andrew Sefkow, Jennifer Shu, Ved Singh, Vidhya Sundaram, Paul Spencer, Stephen Thornhill, Deepthi Umakanth, Kundan Vyas, Alistair Wilson, Stewart Wilson, Hui Zeng, Brad Posner, Steve Roth, Greg Smith, Tanya Saarva, Chris Bales, Ray Polk, Jeff Mueller, Pankash Kapasi, Sameer Sawant, Ken Young, Leevar Williams, Arun Tharakkal, Don Hayler, Cindy McMullen, Phil Griffin, Tom Porcaro, Dawn Tyler, Jordan Douglas

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