6 Web Service Exception Handling

This chapter contains the following sections:

6.1 Overview

Exceptions are notifications that something has gone wrong with the normal flow of execution. A corresponding error message indicates the root cause of the exception.

In Oracle Identity Analytics 11gR1, web services are designed to return error codes and error messages for the following handled exceptions.

6.2 Error Codes and Error Messages

Error Code Error Message
RBX0001 Generic Exception Occurred
RBX0002 Search Filter String cannot be null or empty
RBX1001 User Value Object cannot be null
RBX1002 Username/FirstName/LastName cannot be null or empty
RBX1003 Username already exists
RBX1004 User already exists
RBX1005 User(s) Not found
RBX2001 User already has the role assigned
RBX2002 Role not found
RBX2003 User doesn't have the role
RBX2004 Role name cannot be null or empty
RBX3001 BusinessUnit Name cannot be null or empty
RBX3002 BusinessUnit doesn't exist
RBX3003 Role already exist in BusinessUnit
RBX3004 BusinessUnit doesn't have the role(s) to be removed
RBX3005 User(s) already exist in BusinessUnit
RBX3006 BusinessUnit doesn't have the user(s) to be removed
RBX3007 Parent BusinessUnit doesn't exist
RBX3008 Child BusinessUnit doesn't exist
RBX3009 BusinessUnit Value Object cannot be null
RBX3010 Duplicate BusinessUnit Name