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Interface Description

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public interface Description
extends java.lang.annotation.Annotation

The Description annotation allows a description to be specified for a method on an MBean, and for an MBean interface itself. The Descriptions are accessed at runtime when describing the MBean for the MBeanServer.

This annotation enables developers to use the "Standard MBean" pattern and still provide a description for JMX monitoring tools to display. The annotation is applicable for operations and attributes as well as the MBean itself.

The Description annotation is designed based on the expected @Description annotation in JSR 255.


The @Description annotation is applied to the methods in the MBean interface:

 |   @Description("The maximum allowable size, in bytes, of a Binary value.")
 |   int  getMaxValueSize();

as well as for the MBean interface as a whole:

 |   @Description("The RamJournalRMMBean provides RamJournal specific metrics")
 |   public interface RamJournalRMMBean

Note: For attributes, a description is only required for one of the "get" or "set" methods. If descriptions are provided for both methods, either description could be used.

Coherence 3.7
cf 2010-11-28

Method Summary
 java.lang.String value()
          Returns the value of the annotation.


Methods inherited from interface java.lang.annotation.Annotation
annotationType, equals, hashCode, toString


Method Detail


java.lang.String value()
Returns the value of the annotation.

To allow short form assignments of single member annotations, "value" must be used (Java convention).

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