1 Introduction to Toplink Grid with Oracle Coherence

Oracle TopLink enables you to scale out JPA applications using Oracle Coherence. TopLink Grid provides applications with a number of options on how they can scale, ranging from using Coherence as a distributed shared (L2) cache up to directing JP QL queries to Coherence for parallel execution across the grid to reduce database load. With TopLink Grid, you do not have to rewrite your applications to scale out. You can use your investment in JPA, and still take advantage of the scalability of Coherence.

TopLink Grid provides the following benefits:

TopLink Grid integrates the TopLink JPA implementation (EclipseLink) with Oracle Coherence and provides these development approaches:

When integrating JPA applications with the Coherence data grid, note the potential benefits and restrictions. You must understand how the grid works and how it relates to your JPA configurations to realize the full potential.