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Create notes

For each item that you can configure in the Administration Console—such as a domain, a server instance, or a data source—you can attach notes that describe the item. For example, for a data source you can attach a note that describes the intended use and provides warnings that operators in the operations center need to understand before configuring connection pools for the data source.

WebLogic Server saves the note in the domain's configuration file. You can view the note from the Administration Console, the WebLogic Scripting Tool, or the JMX API. For information about preserving formatting, see Configuration Options.

To create a note for an item:

  1. If you have not already done so, in the Change Center of the Administration Console, click Lock & Edit (see Use the Change Center).
  2. Navigate to the item in the Administration Console. For example:
    1. Expand Services and select Data Sources.
    2. On the Data Sources page, click a data source name.
  3. Select the item's Notes page and enter text in the Notes field.
  4. Click Save.
  5. To activate these changes, in the Change Center of the Administration Console, click Activate Changes.
    Not all changes take effect immediately—some require a restart (see Use the Change Center).

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