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Clear all chart data

When you clear all chart data, all sampled metric values in all charts in the selected view are cleared. This does not remove any metrics that have been added to the charts, nor does it change any charts settings or other properties that have been set. The purpose of this function is to provide a convenient way to clear all data currently displayed in a view's charts so that, when the view is restarted, the sampling of metrics for those charts is also restarted. If you have added metrics to charts in a view while the view has been running, clearing chart data can also provide a convenient way to resynchronize all the charts so that subsequent data that is sampled and displayed corresponds to the same general time interval.

To clear all chart data:

  1. Select the tool bar menu.
  2. Choose Clear All Chart Data.

    Note that it is not necessary to stop the view prior to clearing the data.

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