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Set individual chart properties

Before you begin

Display or create a view, as explained in Display views.

For general information about Monitoring Dashboard charts, see The Parts of a Chart.

When you create a chart, it is created with default visual and control properties. For example:

You can set additional properties that control the Y-axis range and the thresholds to be used for highlighting metrics whose values fall outside a given range. You can also change the default display properties of individual metrics in a chart.

When you click the chart edit button, you can edit the chart title, y-axis units label, and each of the metric names. Note you can also change the y-axis units and chart title by means of the Chart Properties dialog box.


The changes you make to an individual chart are automatically persisted and in effect only for your user account and only in the current domain. They are available to you the next time you launch the Monitoring Dashboard. Note, however, that polled metric values that are displayed in built-in and custom views are not persisted after you close the Monitoring Dashboard window. For more information, see Using the Monitoring Dashboard.

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