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Combine Conditions

Before you begin

Create policies for resource instances, Create global security roles, or Create scoped security roles.

To increase the logical complexity of your policies or role definitions, you can combine conditions. For example, the policy in Figure 1 specifies 4 conditions, three of which, Access occurs between specified hours, Role: Midwest, and Role: Operator, are combined. The effect of all four policy conditions enables a user to access the resource if any of the following is true:

The policy in Figure 1 uses both simple conditions, which contain a single predicate, and a compound condition which contains multiple predicates. You specify whether a condition is simple or complex at the time that you create the condition (for example, see Create policies for resource instances). Use compound conditions if you want to consider the two predicates as a single unit.

Figure 1. Combined Policy Conditions

To combine conditions in a policy or role:

  1. Create at least two policy or role conditions. For example, see Create policies for resource instances.

    The order in which you create the conditions is insignificant. You can combine conditions that are not adjacent.

  2. Select the check box next to each condition that you want to combine.
  3. Click the Combine button.
  4. (Optional) To change the order of a condition that has been combined, select the check box next to the condition and use the Move Up or Move Down buttons.

    You can also select a block of combined conditions and use the Move Up or Move Down buttons for the entire block.

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