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The group params bean represents items that may be templated based on the sub-deployment of the host DestinationBean. While many attributes of a Destination can be templated regardless of where the Destination is targeted, others cannot. Those elements that must be templated based on the target group of the destination are represented in this bean. A Destination will use the values in a GroupParamsBean if and only if the corresponding value is not explicitly set in the DestinationBean AND the sub-deployment-name of the Destination matches the sub-deployment-name attribute of this bean AND this GroupParamsBean is a child of the template pointed to by the Destination.

Security rolesThe following roles have read, write, and invoke permission for all non-encrypted attributes and operations in this MBean:
  • Deployer
Fully Qualified Interface NameIf you use the getMBeanInfo operation in MBeanTypeServiceMBean, supply the following value as this MBean's fully qualified interface name:
Factory Methods
Additional Access Points In addition to accessing this MBean by invoking a factory method, you can also access this MBean from the following MBean attributes:

    Related MBeans

    This section describes attributes that provide access to other MBeans.


      Gets the name of the error destination that should be used for members who have the same sub-deployment-name. If this value is not set then the value from the templates DeliveryFailureParamsBean will be used if it is set.

      Privileges Read/Write
      Relationship type: Reference.


      This section describes the following attributes:


        The name of the subdeployment that template parameters apply to. A subdeployment with the specified name must exist in the topic or queue for the parameters to apply.

        Privileges Read/Write


        This section describes the following operations:


          Return true if the given property has been explicitly set in this bean.

          Operation Name"isSet"
          ParametersObject [] {  propertyName }


          • propertyName is an object of type java.lang.String that specifies:

            property to check

          SignatureString [] { "java.lang.String" }
          Returns boolean
          • java.lang.IllegalArgumentException
            IllegalArgumentException if propertyName is not a recognized property


          Restore the given property to its default value.

          Operation Name"unSet"
          ParametersObject [] {  propertyName }


          • propertyName is an object of type java.lang.String that specifies:

            property to restore

          SignatureString [] { "java.lang.String" }
          Returns void
          • java.lang.IllegalArgumentException
            UnsupportedOperationException if called on a runtime implementation.