8 Configuring WebLogic Server JMX Services

This chapter describes how to establish and configure the specific set of JMX services that are to be available within a WebLogic Server domain. For example, in a production environment you can disable the WebLogic Server editing service and therefore prevent most run-time changes to the domain.

This chapter includes the following sections:

Determining the JMX Services Available in a Domain

Within a WebLogic domain, you can specify which JMX services are available.

The following attributes of JMXMBean determine which JMX services are available in a domain (see "JMXMBean" in Oracle WebLogic Server MBean Reference):

  • EditMBeanServerEnabled controls whether JMX clients, including utilities such as the Administration Console and the WebLogic Scripting Tool, can modify a domain's configuration.

  • DomainMBeanServerEnabled controls whether JMX clients can access all run-time MBeans and read-only configuration MBeans through a single connection to the Domain Runtime MBean Server.

  • RuntimeMBeanServerEnabled controls whether JMX clients can access a specific server's run-time MBeans and read-only configuration MBeans through the server's Runtime MBean Server.

  • PlatformMBeanServerEnabled controls whether all WebLogic Server instances initialize the JDK platform MBean server. PlatformMBeanServerUsed controls whether all WebLogic server instances start their Runtime MBean Servers as the JDK platform MBean server. This makes it possible to access WebLogic Server MBeans and the JVM platform MBeans from a single MBean server.

  • CompatibilityMBeanServerEnabled enables JMX clients to use the deprecated weblogic.management.MBeanHome interface to access WebLogic Server MBeans.

  • ManagementEJBEnabled controls whether the current WebLogic Server domain supports the Java EE Management APIs.

Example: Using WebLogic Scripting Tool to Make a Domain Read-Only

The following example uses the WebLogic Scripting Tool (WLST) to set the JMXMBean EditMBeanServerEnabled attribute to false. It assumes that you are running WLST on a Windows computer, that you created a domain under c:\mydomain, and that you have not deleted the scripts that WebLogic Server creates along with your domain.


The following steps prevent JMX clients (including the WebLogic Server Administration Console and the WebLogic Scripting Tool in online mode) from modifying the domain's configuration. You can still modify the domain configuration through the offline editing feature of WebLogic Scripting Tool.

These steps do not prevent JMX clients from deploying or undeploying modules because the WebLogic Server deployment service does not use JMX.

  1. Start the domain's Administration Server.

  2. In a command prompt, set up the required environment by running the following script:

  3. In the same command prompt, enter the following commands:

    1. java weblogic.WLST

    2. connect('weblogic','weblogic')

    3. edit()

    4. startEdit()

    5. cd('JMX/mydomain')

    6. set('EditMBeanServerEnabled','false')

    7. activate()

    8. exit()