B Configuring the BPEL Task Connector

This chapter describes the profile parameters for the Oracle BPEL Task Connector (the BPEL Task Connector).

This chapter includes the following topics:

B.1 Overview of BPEL Task Connector Configuration

As described in Section 4.8, "Managing Profiles," you can create or update the configuration profile for a connector using the setProfileParameter operation.

B.2 Configuring the Tasks Profile

Table B-1 lists the parameters for the Tasks profile.

Table B-1 Parameters of the WebCenter Tasks Profile

Parameter Description


The connection type that the BPEL Task Connector uses to log in to the BPEL server. Generally, this connection type is SOAP.


The URL of the BPEL server


The type of security that the BPEL Task Connector uses when connecting to the BPEL server. The default value is jazn.com.


The instance name of the BPEL server.


The path to the BPELTask.xsd file


The URL of the location of the HubTask2BPELTask.xsl document, which transforms Hub XML to BPEL Task XML.


The URL of the BPELTask2HubTask.xsl document, which transforms the BPEL Task XML to Hub XML


The number of records returned for the extract response. Because the Hub can handle only one response, you must set this value high enough to include all user changes in the same response packet.


The class name for the task implementation