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Oracle Solaris Studio 12.3: Debugging a Program With dbx     Oracle Solaris Studio 12.3 Information Library
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1.  Getting Started With dbx

2.  Starting dbx

3.  Customizing dbx

4.  Viewing and Navigating To Code

5.  Controlling Program Execution

6.  Setting Breakpoints and Traces

7.  Using the Call Stack

8.  Evaluating and Displaying Data

9.  Using Runtime Checking

10.  Fixing and Continuing

11.  Debugging Multithreaded Applications

12.  Debugging Child Processes

13.  Debugging OpenMP Programs

14.  Working With Signals

15.  Debugging C++ With dbx

16.  Debugging Fortran Using dbx

17.  Debugging a Java Application With dbx

18.  Debugging at the Machine-Instruction Level

19.  Using dbx With the Korn Shell

20.  Debugging Shared Libraries

A.  Modifying a Program State

B.  Event Management

C.  Macros

D.  Command Reference


Numbers and Symbols


























edit command, index iconedit Command
enabling a breakpoint after an event occurs, index iconEnabling a Breakpoint After an Event Occurs
error suppression
index iconSuppressing Errors
index iconSuppression of Last Error
default, index iconDefault Suppressions
examples, index iconSuppressing Error Examples
types, index iconTypes of Suppression
establishing a new mapping from directory to directory
index iconMapping the Compile-time Directory to the Debug-time Directory
index iconFinding Source and Object Files
a function instantiation or a member function of a class template, index iconprint Expressions
an unnamed function argument, index iconEvaluating Unnamed Arguments in C++ Programs
index iconEvaluating Arrays
index iconEvaluating Arrays
event counters
index iconUsing Event Counters
index iconUsing Event Counters
event handler
hiding, index icon-hidden
retaining across debugging sessions, index icon-perm
event handlers
creating, index iconCreating Event Handlers
manipulating, index iconManipulating Event Handlers
setting, examples, index iconEvent Handler Examples
ambiguity, index iconParsing and Ambiguity
child process interaction with, index iconInteracting With Events
parsing, index iconParsing and Ambiguity
event_safety environment variable, index iconSetting dbx Environment Variables
event specification modifiers
-count, index icon-count n-count infinity
-disable, index icon-disable
-hidden, index icon-hidden
-if, index icon-if condition
-in, index icon-in function
-instr, index icon-instr
-lwp, index icon-lwp lwp_id
-perm, index icon-perm
index iconUsing a Filter With a Conditional Event
index icon-resumeone
-temp, index icon-temp
-thread, index icon-thread thread_id
event specifications
index iconSetting Breakpoints at the Machine-Instruction Level
index iconEvent Handlers
index iconCreating Event Handlers
index iconSetting Event Specifications
access, index iconaccess mode address-expression [, byte-size-expression]
at, index iconat address_expression
attach, index iconattach
change, index iconchange variable
cond, index iconcond condition-expression
detach, index icondetach
dlopen, index icondlopen [ lib-path ] dlclose [ lib-path ]
exit, index iconexit exitcode
fault, index iconfault fault
for breakpoint events, index iconBreakpoint Event Specifications
for data change events, index iconData Change Event Specifications
for execution progress events, index iconExecution Progress Event Specifications
for other types of events, index iconOther Event Specifications
for system events, index iconSystem Event Specifications
in, index iconin function
inclass, index iconinclass classname [-recurse | -norecurse]
infile, index iconinfile filename
infunction, index iconinfunction function
inmember, index iconinmember function inmethod function
index iconinmember function inmethod function
index iconinmember function inmethod function
inobject, index iconinobject object-expression [-recurse | -norecurse]
keywords, defined, index iconSetting Event Specifications
lastrites, index iconlastrites
lwp_exit, index iconlwp_exit
modifiers, index iconEvent Specification Modifiers
next, index iconnext
omp_barrier, index iconSynchronization Events
omp_critical, index iconSynchronization Events
omp_flush, index iconSynchronization Events
omp_master, index iconOther Events
omp_ordered, index iconSynchronization Events
omp_single, index iconOther Events
omp_task, index iconOther Events
omp_taskwait, index iconSynchronization Events
prog_gone, index iconproc_gone
prog_new, index iconprog_new
index iconreturns
index iconreturns function
setting, index iconSetting Event Specifications
sig, index iconsig signal
step, index iconstep
stop, index iconstop
sync, index iconsync
syncrtld, index iconsyncrtld
sysin, index iconsysin code | name
sysout, index iconsysout code | name
index iconUnderstanding Thread Creation Activity
index iconthr_create [thread_id]
index iconUnderstanding Thread Creation Activity
index iconthr_exit
index iconthrow
index iconthrow type
index iconthrow -unhandled
index iconthrow -unexpected
timer, index icontimer seconds
using predefined variables, index iconUsing Predefined Variables
event-specific variables, index iconVariables Valid for when Command
examine command
index iconTypes of Program Locations
index iconUsing the examine or x Command
index iconexamine Command
examining the contents of memory, index iconExamining the Contents of Memory
exception command
index iconexception [-d | +d] Command
index iconexception Command
exception handling, index iconException Handling in dbx
examples, index iconExamples of Exception Handling
floating point, determining cause of, index iconDetermining the Cause of the Exception
floating point, determining location of, index iconDetermining Where the Exception Occurred
in Fortran programs, locating, index iconLocating Exceptions
of a specific type, catching, index iconintercept [-all] [-x] [-set] [typename] Command
removing types from intercept list, index iconunintercept [-all] [-x] [typename] Command
reporting where type would be caught, index iconwhocatches typename Command
type of, displaying, index iconexception [-d | +d] Command
exec function, following, index iconFollowing the exec Function
execution progress event specifications, index iconExecution Progress Event Specifications
exists command, index iconexists Command
exit event, index iconexit exitcode
experiments, limiting the size of, index iconSyntax
complex, Fortran, index iconShowing Complex Expressions
displaying, index iconMonitoring Expressions
interval, Fortran, index iconShowing Interval Expressions
monitoring changes, index iconMonitoring Expressions
monitoring the value of, index iconMonitoring Expressions
printing the value of
index iconPrinting the Value of a Variable, Expression, or Identifier
index iconprint Command
turning off the display of, index iconTurning Off Display (Undisplaying)