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Oracle Solaris Studio 12.3: Performance Analyzer     Oracle Solaris Studio 12.3 Information Library
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1.  Overview of the Performance Analyzer

2.  Performance Data

3.  Collecting Performance Data

4.  The Performance Analyzer Tool

5.  The er_print Command Line Performance Analysis Tool

6.  Understanding the Performance Analyzer and Its Data

7.  Understanding Annotated Source and Disassembly Data

8.  Manipulating Experiments

9.  Kernel Profiling

Kernel Experiments

Setting Up Your System for Kernel Profiling

Running the er_kernel Utility

Profiling the Kernel

Profiling Under Load

Profiling the Kernel and Load Together

Profiling the Kernel for Hardware Counter Overflows

Profiling Kernel and User Processes

Analyzing a Kernel Profile


Setting Up Your System for Kernel Profiling

Before you can use the er_kernel utility for kernel profiling, you need to set up access to DTrace.

Normally, DTrace is restricted to user root. To run er_kernel utility as a user other than root, you must have specific privileges assigned, and be a member of group sys. To assign the necessary privileges, edit the line for your username as follows in the file /etc/user_attr:


To add yourself to the group sys, add your user name to the sys line in the file /etc/group.