About Alerts

In addition to ongoing monitoring of the performance of services, endpoints, and transactions, you can have Business Transaction Management alert you when specific events occur.

Business Transaction Management issues several types of alerts:

  • Service level agreement alerts (also called violation alerts and SLA alerts) are issued when a deviation occurs from the standards of performance you have defined for an endpoint, service, or transaction. These standards might be based on fixed values or historically determined baselines.

    You define standards of performance using one or more service level agreement policies that you then apply to an endpoint, service operation, or transaction.

    SLA violation alerts can be queried, filtered, and viewed on the Alerts tab of the related service, endpoint, operation, or transaction instance. SLA alerts in the last hour are displayed using the Alerts in the Last Hour > SLA Alerts view (from the Navigator). Alerts are also displayed on the operational summary dashboard.

    In this case, when performance deviates from the Warning Value threshold set in an SLA policy, a warning alert is issued, and when it deviates from the Failure Value threshold set in an SLA policy, a failure alert is issued. The Warning Value is optional.

  • Condition alerts are issued when a condition is satisfied.

    A condition is created on a transaction and is based on evaluating messages and message content per transaction instance.

    Condition alerts can be queried, filtered, and viewed on the Alerts tab of the related transaction instance. Alerts issued in the last 24 hours can also be filtered and viewed using the Alerts in the Last Hour > Condition Alerts view (from the Navigator). The dashboards include various condition alert counts.

    You might define conditions to enable fault monitoring on transactions, to test for specific property values, or to report a missing message.

  • System alerts provide information about the health of the monitoring infrastructure. Business Transaction Management issues system alerts in situations such as the occurrence of a fatal error, a container going down, the rejection of a policy, deletion of an attribute that is in use, and so forth.

    To check for system alerts, do one of the following:

    • Select Alerts in the Last Hour > System Alerts in the Navigator.

    • Select Administration > System Policies in the Navigator and then click the Alerts tab.