Working with SLA Policies

After you define an SLA policy, you might need to view it, modify it, disable it, duplicate it, or delete it. This section explains how you accomplish these tasks.

To View an SLA Policy Definition

  1. Select Explorer > SLA Policies tab.

  2. Select the Profile tab.

To View which Policies Are Applied to an Endpoint, Service, or Transaction

  1. Select the object of interest in the main area.

  2. Select the Policies tab.

To View All the Objects to which a Policy Is Applied

  1. Select the policy of interest in the SLA Policies view.

  2. Select the Targets tab.

To View the Status of a Policy

The status of a policy is either displayed in the upper right hand corner of its Profile tab, or it is displayed in the Policy Status column of the Policies tab if you select to view an individual target. Status values include applied, pending, rejected, disabled, or deleted.

To Modify an SLA Policy

  1. Select Explorer > SLA Policies.

  2. Select the policy of interest in the main area.

  3. Select Modify > Edit definition for <policy>.

  4. Make the needed changes and click Apply.

To Disable a Policy

You can disable policies in one of two ways; the second method is an abbreviated version of the first.

  • Modify the policy definition to disable the policy: Select Modify > Edit Definition.Uncheck the Enabled check box in the policy definition (and then click Apply).

  • Select the policy in the main pane and select Modify > Disable policyName.

To Duplicate a Policy

Duplicating policies might be useful in those cases where you have defined criteria or settings that are complex and do not want to recreate the work to define a policy that is very similar to the one you have already defined.

  1. Select the policy in the main pane.

  2. Choose Duplicate Policy from the Modify menu.

  3. By default the policy duplicate is given the name of the original with a _1 extension. You can provide your own name if you like.

  4. Modify any settings or criteria.

  5. Click Apply.

To Delete a Policy

To delete a policy, select the policy in the main pane and choose Delete<Policy> from the Modify menu.