Use the addBaseAddressAlias command to add the specified alias for the entry point with the given base address.

If another entry point with this alias as its base address is already known to the sphere, the two entry points and their contents are merged and duplicate WSDLs and endpoints removed.

The addBaseAddressAlias command accomplishes the same thing as the command removeDuplicateEndpoint when that command is given two endpoints that differ only in their base address.

Using the -force option creates an entry point and its alias before any endpoints corresponding to that entry point are discovered or registered, thus preventing duplicates from being (mistakenly) created in the first place.

Unlike the aliases created by the addNodeAlias command, aliases created by the addBaseAddressAlias command or the removeDuplicateEndpoint command apply to a single entry point. If the same alias is added at the network node level, either automatically by message observation or discovery, or manually by the addNodeAlias command, it will supercede the locally-defined alias for the entry point, and it will not be possible to delete that alias using the removeBaseAddressAlias command.

You can preview the results of this command before committing to the changes it defines. After previewing, you must run the command again without the -P option to actually make the changes.

Use the removeBaseAddressAlias command to remove an alias created with the addBaseAddressAlias command.

Resolving Discovery Issues describes the use of this command in resolving discovery issues.

Command Syntax

btmcli addBaseAddressAlias -baseAddress address -alias address [-P] [-f]
                           -s sphereURL -l username:password
Name Long Name Description
-baseAddress -- The base address of an existing entry point in the sphere. Use the format scheme://host:port/
-alias -- The base address to use as an alias for the above entry point.
-P -preview Preview the result of the command, but do not actually make any changes to the model.
-f -force Create an entry point with the given base address if it does not yet exist. Use this option to prime the system with aliases before duplicate endpoints are discovered.
-s -sphereUrl The URL of the sphere. http://hostname:port/btmcentral/sphere/

This flag is not required if you have set the AP_SPHERE_URL environment variable for your sphere.

-l -userLogin The username and password associated with the sphere, in the format: username:password. This set of credentials must belong to a user in the btmadmin role.

See Security Options in Accessing CLI Commands for information on furnishing login credentials.

You can encrypt passwords using the encryptPassword command.


The following example shows the addBaseAddressAlias command.

btmcli addBaseAddressAlias -baseAddress http://jbujes:8080 
          -alias -s http://localhost:8080/btmcentral/sphere/
          -l admin:abracadabra