Use the createOrUpdateGenre command to create or update the definition of the indicated service or endpoint genre in the sphere. The genre object provides the information needed to properly display service and endpoint type information such as friendly name and icon.

In general, this command will be used when an observer is released off-cycle. At such times, explicit instructions will be provided about the createOrUpdateGenre command to use to teach your current system how to recognize the new genre and how to display services or endpoints of that type.

Command Syntax

btmcli createOrUpdateGenre -n name -id id
                           -t service | endpoint [iconUrl iconUrl]
                           -sphereUrl -l username:password
Name Long Name Description
-n -name The user visible or friendly name of the genre. By convention this is often the local name of the qualified name used as the genre's id (when the id is given as a QName).

The value specified will be used as the string to display in the Type field for services and endpoints.; for example, WEB_SERVICE, JAXRPC, DATABASE.

-id -- The unique identifier for the genre. By convention this is often given as a qualified name with a namespace of urn:com.amberpoint.servicegenres. This value must match the genre identifier returned by the observer when discovering services and/or endpoints. For example: urn:com.amberpoint.servicegenres:JAXRPC
-t -type Indicates whether this genre represents a service type or an endpoint type.
-iconUrl -- The URL where the system can find the icon used to represent the genre in the management console.

There will be two icon files for any genre. The file names will be greyTypeIcon.ext and greyTypeOperationIcon.ext, where the value of ext specifies the type of the icon file: gif, bmp, jpeg, or png. The value of Type is either Endpoint of Service.

  • A URL with the prefix asc:// indicates that the icon should be found inside the views/images/genre/urlPath directory of the btmui application.

  • Any other URL will be used directly as the base of the icon file URL.

-overwrite -- A switch that specifies whether it is permissible to replace any existing genre of the same id. You must specify this switch when doing an update.
-s -sphereUrl The URL of the sphere where the service whose setup data you want to get is registered. http://hostname:port/btmcentral/sphere/

This flag is not required if you have set the AP_SPHERE_URL environment variable for your sphere.

-l -userLogin The username and password associated with the sphere, in the format: username:password. This set of credentials must belong to a user in the btmadmin role.

See Security Options in Accessing CLI Commands for information on furnishing login credentials.

You can encrypt passwords using the encryptPassword command.


The following example shows the createOrUpdateGenre command used to create the endpoint type MyGenre.

btmcli createOrUpdateGenre -name MyGenre 
                           -id urn:com.aberpoint.servicegenres:MyGenre
                           -s http://localhost:8080/btmcentral/sphre/
                           -l admin:abracadabra