The exportBusinessObjects command exports one or more of the specified business objects from the target sphere. The command outputs an XML document that you can use to import the business objects into another target sphere.

You can specify the objects to be exported using the -query flag or the -exportAll flag.

Command Syntax

btmcli exportBusinessObjects [-exportAll] | [-query filterQuery ]
                             [-o outputFile ]
                             -s sphereUrl -l username:password
Name Long Name Description
-exportAll -- Export all objects of the appropriate type.
-query -filterQuery Export only those objects that match the criteria expressed by the filterQuery expression.

Use the Filter tool to construct the query, and then copy and paste the query into the command line.

-o -outputfile The name of the XML file where the data is written. If you omit this flag, the data is written to standard output.
-s -sphereUrl The URL of the sphere.


This flag is not required if you have set the AP_SPHERE_URL environment variable for your sphere.

-l -userLogin The username and password associated with the sphere, in the format: username:password. This set of credentials must belong to a user in the btmadmin role.

See Security Options in Accessing CLI Commands for information on furnishing login credentials.

You can encrypt passwords using the encryptPassword command.


The following example shows the exportBusinessObject command used to output data to MyConsumers.

btmcli exportBusinessObject -exportAll -o MyConsumers
                   -s http://localhost:8080/btmcentral/sphere/
                   -l admin:password