Use the importProfile command to import a previously object profile into the system. The profile data to import is taken from the specified input file or from stdin if no file is specified.

Importing a profile does not cause new objects to be created, but only updates the profile attributes of existing objects. For example, importing a service profile does not create the service or register it with the system, it only updates the profile for a service that has already been registered (by virtue of discovery or manual registration).

Command Syntax

btmcli importProfile [-i importFile] [-m EXACT | BEST_FIT}
                     -s sphereUrl -l username:password
Name Long Name Description
-i -inputFile The name of the file containing the profile data to be imported. If not specified, the command imports data from stdin.
-- -match Use when importing the profile for a set of related objects to specify how closely the imported set must match the objects that currently exist in the system. The possible values are:
  • EXACT - the imported profile must match the existing objects exactly in both cardinality and structure.

  • BEST_FIT - the imported profile will be matched against the existing objects as best as possible. Any mismatches in either cardinality or structure are ignored. This is the default value.

-s -sphereUrl The URL of the sphere. http://hostname:port/btmcentral/sphere/

This flag is not required if you have set the AP_SPHERE_URL environment variable for your sphere.

-l -userLogin The username and password associated with the sphere, in the format: username:password. This set of credentials must belong to a user in the btmadmin role.

See Security Options in Accessing CLI Commands for information on furnishing login credentials.

You can encrypt passwords using the encryptPassword command.


The following example shows the importProfile command used to import data from MyContainers.

btmcli importProfile -inputFile MyContainers -match EXACT
                     -s http://localhost:8080/btmcentral/sphere/
                     -l admin:abracadabra