Use the mergeServices command to merge two services (thus removing duplicates). This command removes the source version specified with the -V flag and moves its endpoints to the target version specified with the -T flag. See Resolving Discovery Issues, for a discussion of the discovery issues that might require you merge two endpoints.

After the merge, the target version contains all the endpoints from both versions. If the source version has any profile attributes or message properties that you want to retain for the merged versions, you must recreate these on the target version.

Any historical data maintained for the source version is merged into the data maintained for the target version. Once the merge is completed, it is not possible to return to two distinct aggregated data sets for the two service versions.

You can preview the results of this command before committing to the changes it defines. After previewing, you must run the command again without the -P option to actually make the changes.

Use the moveEndpoints command to move selected endpoints from one service version to another.

Command Syntax

btmcli mergeServices -n friendlyName | -qname qname
                     -V version
                     -T targetVersion [-P]
                     -s sphereUrl -l username:password
Name Long Name Description
-n -name The friendly name of the service for which versions should be merged.

If two versions do not have the same friendly name, you must use the -qname flag to specify the service name.

-qname -- The qualified name of the service for which versions should be merged.

The qualified name has the form WSDLtargetNamespace:serviceName. For example:

-V -version The version of the service that will be merged into the specified target.

Use the "-" string to represent the default, unnamed version.

-T -targetVersion The target service version in which to merge the source version (-V). After the merge, this version will contain the endpoints from both versions.
-P -preview Specify this flag to preview the results of the merge without actually performing the merge.
-s -sphereUrl The URL of the sphere.


This flag is not required if you have set the AP_SPHERE_URL environment variable for your sphere.

-l -userLogin The username and password associated with the sphere, in the format: username:password. This set of credentials must belong to a user in the btmadmin role.

See Security Options in Accessing CLI Commands for information on furnishing login credentials.

You can encrypt passwords using the encryptPassword command.


The following example shows the mergeServices command:

btmcli mergeServices -f CreditService -X 1.5 -T 1.6
                     -s http://localhost:8080/btmcentral/sphere/
                     -l admin:abracadabra