Adding and Deleting Consumers

Business Transaction Management creates consumers in one or more of the following ways:

  • If you have set up consumer segmentation, Business Transaction Management automatically creates a consumer whenever it encounters a message for a consumer that does not already exist.

  • According to the information you provide using the importBusinessObjects command.

  • According to the information you provide when you choose Create > Consumer and supply values for the consumer name and attributes.

This section explains this last option: how you use the management console to create consumers. It also explains how you delete consumers.

To add consumers using the management console

  1. Choose Create > Consumer.

    The Create Consumer dialog box opens. The contents shown depend on how you have defined the consumer business object. Any custom attributes you have defined are shown in the Attributes area.

  2. Enter a descriptive name and notes.

    The value of the Name field is used as the display name for the consumer in the Management Console.

    You can set up filtering on the value of the Notes field.

  3. Supply the value of any attributes defined for the consumer business object in the Attributes field.

  4. Click Apply.

To delete consumers using the management console:

  1. Select the consumer you want to delete in the Explorer > Consumers view.

  2. Choose Modify > Delete consumer_name.

    The Delete Consumer dialog box opens.

  3. Click Delete.