Using Business Transaction Management, a component of the Oracle Management packs, you can do the following:

  • discover the services deployed in your application environment and understand how they work together

  • define and track transactions, and understand the business context of each transaction, including the transaction's consumers and business payload

  • monitor the performance of services and transactions in real time

  • define service-level agreements to set performance targets based on business criteria and to monitor performance relative to those targets

  • generate alerts that warn you of unusual conditions

  • monitor failures and perform root-cause analysis to locate bottlenecks, errors, and incomplete transactions

You access the Business Transaction Management feature set by way of the Management Console. For information about using the console, read Chapter 2, "Using the Management Console."

You can also use a command line interface (CLI) to execute scripts and individual commands. For information about using the CLI, see Chapter 9, "Commands and Scripts."