About Command Line Utilities

Business Transaction Management includes a set of command line utilities that allow you to perform certain tasks from the command line.

For Java platforms, the utilities are located in: [install_dir]/tools

On Windows platforms, utilities use the JRE bundled with Business Transaction Management.

On Unix-like systems, you must specify a JRE to use by doing one of the following:

  • set the JAVA_HOME environment variable and remove the directory

    BTM_install_dir/server/jre directory

  • replace BTM_install_dir/server/jre with a link to a valid JRE directory

The following table lists Business Transaction Management utilities.

Name Description
datastoreUtil Allows you to connect to a database. Once connected, you can do the following:
  • generate the DDL of the specified schema definition within the connected database

  • check the status of the specified schema within the connected database

  • create the specified schema within the connected database

  • upgrade the specified schema within the connected database

  • drop the entire specified schema from the connected database

  • save the database connection information into a file for easy reconnection to the database at a later time

  • display the owner of the database instance (service name and UUID)

  • reset ownership of the database instance by removing knowledge of its current owner

  • enter the database explore mode (commands to search and display data)

logMerger Merges Business Transaction Management system service deployment log files (logdir) to consolidate analysis or archiving.
showProductInfo Outputs information about the Business Transaction Management product.