Top 10 Transactions Dashboards

The Top 10 Transactions dashboard enables you to quickly identify and assess the health of the most stressed components in your system.

To display the dashboard, choose Dashboards > Top 10 Transactions

The dashboard provides four tables. Each table is based on a particular instrument and lists the transactions with the ten highest measurements for that instrument (except for uptime, which is lowest).

The default evaluation period for the data displayed for transactions is seven days. To change the evaluation period, click the Time Period control at the top of the display. You can change the period to the last day, hour, or 10 minutes.

The Top 10 Transactions dashboard provides tables that list the 10 transaction types with the following characteristics:

  • highest number of started transactions (Most Started table)

  • highest number of completed transactions (Most Completed table)

  • slowest average response time (Slowest Avg Response Time table)

  • highest number of condition alerts (Most Condition Alerts table)

Each table provides numeric instrument values as well as charts. Hover the cursor over a chart to view detailed information for a particular time segment.

For in-depth information and analysis, double-click a transaction or service to display the Tabs area, and select the Analysis tab.