What's New in This Book Revision

In addition updating the books for an incremental software release or a patch set release, Oracle revises its books regularly to incorporate bug fixes and value-added feedback from customers, product managers, support teams, and other key stakeholders. Every time a book is revised, the revision number of the book is increased by one and then published on Oracle Technology Network (OTN).

This chapter lists the changes incorporated in the latest revision (E22624-47) and all the previous revisions of Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control Basic Installation Guide (this book) that was published for 12c Release 5 ( Note that the latest revision (E22624-47) is the current revision published on OTN for 12c Release 5 (, and the latest revision always contains all the changes incorporated in its previous revisions.

In particular, this chapter covers the following:

Changes Incorporated in the Latest Revision (Published)

The following are the changes incorporated in the latest revision (E22624-47) that is published on OTN.

Part, Chapter, or Section Change Description
Section 6.7 Added a postinstallation step to highlight that patch 20181997 must be applied on the WebLogic Server home if JDK version is upgraded to JDK 6 update 95.
Appendix G Introduced an appendix that describes how browser certificates can be imported to Google Chrome browsers.

Changes Incorporated in the Previous Revisions (Archived)

The following sections describe the changes incorporated in the previous revisions. These revisions have been archived, and therefore are not currently available on OTN.

Changes Incorporated in E22624-46

Part, Chapter, or Section Change Description
Appendix P Updated the important facts related to Management Agent installation.