6 Inventory and Usage Details

This chapter describes the features and how to access the Inventory and Usage Details page (Figure 6-1) for the IBM DB2 Database.

Figure 6-1 Inventory and Usage Details Page

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6.1 Inventory and Usage Details Page Feature Summary

With the Inventory and Usage Details page you can:

  • View inventory summaries for your IBM DB2 databases.

  • View inventory summary information in the context of different dimensions such as version, platform, OS version and vendor, life cycle, department, location, and cost center.

  • Drill down multiple levels of inventory details.

  • View to a pie chart to break down the inventory data for the roll-up option by color-coded percentages.

  • Repeatedly revise selections to refresh chart and details based on new selections.

  • Export deployment and details tables as a .csv file.

6.2 Accessing the Inventory and Usage Details Page

To view inventory and usage details:

  1. From the Enterprise menu, select Configuration, and then select Inventory and Usage Details.

    Alternatively, you can click Details in the Inventory and Usage region of the Enterprise Summary page.

  2. Select the entity you want to examine and choose a roll-up option. For example, show all deployed hosts rolled up by platform. The page refreshes automatically upon selection.

  3. In any given row in the top table, there is a count bar next to the count that represents a percentage of the maximum count. For example, if the maximum number of hosts by platform is four, the bar for hosts represented on two platforms would be half as long. Click the bar to refresh the details table and chart for the row.

6.3 Additional Information

For further information, refer to the "Inventory and Usage" section of the Oracle Enterprise Manager Lifecycle Management Administrator's Guide: