5 Enabling SSL for HTTPS

Follow the steps provided in this section if you choose HTTPS as the protocol to establish a connection between the external ticketing system and Enterprise Manager.

5.1 Generating a Certificate Request File

Generate a certificate request file for the external ticketing system and send it to the Certificate authority, such as VeriSign.


The certificate request file is dependent on the Web server used by the external ticketing system.

5.2 Importing the Certificate from the Certificate Authority

After you get the certificate, import it to the Web server the external ticketing system uses. The import mechanism varies depending on the Web server the external ticketing system uses.


Make sure https://<webserver>:port is enabled and working on the external ticketing system.

5.3 Importing the Server Certificate on Enterprise Manager

Import the Server certificate (the certificate you got from Certificate Authority) using the following steps:

  1. Append the external Certificate Authority's certificate to:

  2. Ensure that only the following is appended to the b64LocalCertificate.txt file (that is, do not include blank lines or comments or any other special characters):

    <<<Certificate in Base64 format>>>
    -----END CERTIFICATE-----
  3. Restart the OMS. Run the following commands:

    emctl stop oms
    emctl start oms


    Do not run the emctl secure oms/agent command after adding the external certificate to the b64LocalCertificate.txt file. If you run the emctl secure command later, then repeat the steps 1 through 3 to make sure the external certificate exists on the b64certificate.txt file.