8 Viewing Reports

Reports are generated from the metric information that has been collected and stored in the Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control repository.

Topics include:

Viewing reports

Make sure you are on the TimesTen target page. For more information on navigating to the TimesTen target page, see "Navigating to the TimesTen target page".

  1. From the TimesTen IMDB menu, select TimesTen IMDB, then select Information Publisher Reports.

    The Information Publisher Reports page displays. Locate the Title column in the Information Publisher Reports table.

  2. In the Title column, click the name of the TimesTen report.

    The Specify Target for Report page displays.

  3. Click Continue.

    The report displays. If you wish to print the report, choose Printable Page.

Types of reports

There are nine report categories containing 10 groups of reports.

The categories, groups, and subgroups are:

  • TimesTen Cache Grid Reports

    • TimesTen Cache AWT Activity Reports

      • AWT Commits

      • AWT Rows per Batch

      • AWT Throughput

    • TimesTen Cache Grid Activity Reports

      • Cache Grid Global Hit Percent

      • Cache Grid Attaches and Detaches

      • Cache Grid Hits and Misses

  • TimesTen Connections

    • TimesTen IMDB Connections Reports

      • Current Connections

      • Connection Rate

  • TimesTen IMDB Monitoring

    • TimesTen IMDB Activity Reports

      • Log Activity

      • Transactions Activity

      • Space Usage (% full)

      • Log Buffer Bytes

  • TimesTen Lock Reports

    • TimesTen IMDB Lock Activity Reports

      • Locks Granted Immediately vs Wait

      • Locks Timeouts and Deadlocks

  • TimesTen Log Monitoring

    • TimesTen IMDB Transaction Log Reports

      • Log Inserts Activity

      • Log Waits Activity

      • Completed Checkpoints

      • Checkpoint Bytes Written Activity

      • Recovery Activity

  • TimesTen Memory Monitoring

    • TimesTen IMDB Memory Reports

      • Permanent Memory Activity

      • Temporary Memory Activity

      • PL/SQL Memory Activity

  • TimesTen PLSQL Reports

    • TimesTen IMDB PLSQL Reports

      • Pin Hit Ratio

      • PL/SQL Invalidations and Reloads

  • TimesTen SQL Operations

    • TimesTen IMDB SQL Operation Reports

      • SQL Operations

  • TimesTen Tables

    • TimesTen IMDB Table Activity Reports

      • Rows Processed