H Searching and Adding Oracle Management Agents

To search and add Oracle Management Agents (Management Agent) on the Deploy and Configure Agents page, Generate Health Report of Deployed Agents page, and on the Switch Agents page, follow these steps:

  • To search Management Agents, select the platform and the version of the Management Agents you are searching for, from the Platform and Version lists, respectively. Then, click Search.

    Alternatively, if you know the name of the Management Agent, then enter the name in Agent, and click Search. If you have created a logical group of Management Agents in Enterprise Manager Grid Control, and if you want to list the Management Agents of that group, then from the Group list, select the name of that group, and click Search.

  • The search results in a list of Management Agents discovered in your environment. If you do not want to deploy the software now for some of the Management Agents, then select those Management Agents and click Remove.

  • In case the search result does not list the Management Agents you are searching for, then click Add and manually add the Management Agents of your choice.

  • The Management Agent you have added might be part of multiple groups (an Enterprise Manager group), systems (an Enterprise Manager system), or clusters of Management Agents, or it might be associated with multiple shared Management Agents.

    In such cases, if you want to select and add the Management Agents of all the groups and clusters, and also the associated shared Management Agents, then click Add Related Agents.


If you are adding a Shared Agent, then ensure that you add the Master Agent to which it communicates, and all the Shared Agents that communicate with this Master Agent.