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Oracle Database 11g Release 1 (11.2) Documentation

Database Administration

"Essentials" covers everyday database administration tasks, as performed using the Enterprise Manager GUI. "Supporting Documentation" includes in-depth concept, task and reference material.


2 Day DBA covers general database administration tasks and concepts. Each 2 Day + book covers more specialized tasks and concepts for specific advanced topics. All tasks are presented in the Enterprise Manager GUI. Supporting documentation describes command line-based methods.

Supporting Documentation

The documents below provide more extensive reference and advanced task material related to database administration.

SQL, PL/SQL, and PL/SQL Packages

SQL statements and PL/SQL programs and packages are used extensively in administering Oracle databases.

  • SQL Language Reference HTML PDF
  • SQL Language Quick Reference HTML PDF
  • PL/SQL Language Reference HTML PDF
  • PL/SQL Packages and Types Reference HTML PDF

Clients for Database Administration

SQL*Plus is a command-line client used for running SQL statements and compiling PL/SQL code. SQL Developer provides all the same capabilities as SQL*Plus, as well as an easy-to-use, powerful drag-and-drop GUI for managing database objects and creating and viewing reports.

  • SQL*Plus Quick Reference HTML PDF
  • SQL*Plus User's Guide and Reference HTML PDF
  • Communications Data Model Implementation Operations Guide HTML PDF


Detailed information on database features used to secure your data against unauthorized access.

  • Advanced Security Administrator's Guide HTML PDF
  • Database Vault Administrator's Guide HTML PDF
  • Enterprise User Security Administrator's Guide HTML PDF
  • Label Security Administrator's Guide HTML PDF
  • Security Guide HTML PDF

Network Management

Oracle Net helps you manage connectivity, security, and performance across both Internet and intranet networks.

  • Net Services Administrator's Guide HTML PDF
  • Net Services Reference HTML PDF


Using Automatic Storage Management for Oracle databases.

  • Automatic Storage Management Administrator's Guide HTML PDF

Backup and Recovery

Use Recovery Manager (RMAN) or user-managed backup techniques to back up and recover Oracle databases.

  • Backup and Recovery User's Guide HTML PDF
  • Backup and Recovery Reference HTML PDF
  • Advanced Replication Management API Reference HTML PDF


Oracle Real Application Testing enables you to perform real-world testing of Oracle Database.

  • Real Application Testing User's Guide HTML PDF

UNIX and Windows Database Administration

Administration concepts and tasks specific to the Oracle Database on a specific operating system.

  • Administrator's Reference for Linux and UNIX-Based Operating Systems HTML PDF