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Oracle® Database Administrator's Guide
11g Release 2 (11.2)

Part Number E17120-11
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About Scheduler Objects and Their Naming

You operate Oracle Scheduler by creating and managing a set of Scheduler objects. Each Scheduler object is a complete database schema object of the form [schema.]name. Scheduler objects follow the naming rules for database objects exactly and share the SQL namespace with other database objects.

Follow SQL naming rules to name Scheduler objects in the DBMS_SCHEDULER package. By default, Scheduler object names are uppercase unless they are surrounded by double quotes. For example, when creating a job, job_name => 'my_job' is the same as job_name => 'My_Job' and job_name => 'MY_JOB', but different from job_name => '"my_job"'. These naming rules are also followed in those cases where comma-delimited lists of Scheduler object names are used within the DBMS_SCHEDULER package.