1 Introduction to Configurable Network Computing Implementation

This chapter contains the following topics:

1.1 Configurable Network Computing Overview

Oracle's JD Edwards Configurable Network Computing is an application architecture that enables interactive and batch applications, composed of a single code base, to run across a network of multiple server platforms and databases. The applications consist of reusable business functions and associated data that can be configured across the network dynamically. The overall objective for businesses to provide a future-proof environment that enables them to change organizational structures, business processes and technologies independently of each other.

1.2 Configurable Network Computing Implementation

Oracle's JD Edwards EnterpriseOne standardizes and automates software installation, making many steps transparent to users. Technical setup is preconfigured to meet the requirements of many JD Edwards EnterpriseOne customers. In addition, JD Edwards EnterpriseOne products are pre-integrated and share a common database, which reduces the implementation process, minimizes ongoing administration, and provides customers the flexibility to add in new applications, modules, and tools as needed.