This image shows the Pre-Install Worksheet, which from top to bottom contains the following sections:

-Network - Server IP Addresses section

Contains three columns that lists the tiers and cells to record the host name and IP address for each tier.

The end of this section contains the following note:

Warning: Machine names are limited to a maximum of 15 characters, as limited by the JD Edwards EnterpriseOne database table and application design.

-Network - Routing Information section

This section contains cells for recording the Net mask, Gateway, and DNS.

Next, it contains User Account, New Password, and Default Password columns, and each row lists a user account and the default password under the respective columns. The New Password column is blank for recording the password.

-Misc section

This section contains a place to record the "Location name," with a note that states that the value is a variable, and directs the user to read the following notes:

Tip: The value for Location name must exactly match that which you specified during the Deployment Server install as described in the Location Name field in Chapter 3. Working with the Deployment Server. For example: Corporate

Warning: The value for Location name is case-sensitive and is restricted to a maximum of 15 alphanumeric characters.