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What's New In This Release

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Location: New Services and Fields

Two new services are described in the Location.wsdl and ResouceLocation.wsdl files. These services include create, read, update, and delete operations that provide access to new global enterprise data for locations. This data enables you to create locations, including street address, longitude and latitude, and assign these locations to projects, resources, and activities. In addition to the two new wsdl files, the existing Activity.wsdl, BaselineProject.wsdl, Export.wsdl, Project.wsdl, and Resource.wsdl wsdl files provide two new fields, LocationName and LocationObjectId, that support the location feature. Additionally, the ResourceAssignment.wsdl contains the ProjectName field.

Team Member Status Update Reviews

The BaselineProject.wsdl, Export.wsdl, Project.wsdl, and WBS.wsdl files contain new fields to support reviews for status updates made by activity owners or resources using Team Member applications. Use these fields to turn on reviews for a project and set a reviewer at the project level:

Additionally, the Activity.wsdl file contains the ReviewRequired field which indicates whether the activity status updates made in Team Member applications must be approved before committing changes.

P6 Team Member Applications

P6 Team Member Web is the latest addition to the suite of P6 Team Member applications, which already include the P6 Team Member for iPhone and E-mail Statusing Service applications. The P6 Team Member applications have been enhanced to allow for more customization and flexibility. Activity Owners, in addition to resources, can now use P6 Team Member applications to status activities they are responsible for. Project managers can now assign a selection of fields on a per project basis for team members to use when providing status on their activities.

The BaselineProject.wsdl, Export.wsdl, and Project.wsdl contain new fields to determine which fields team members can view and update in P6 Team Member applications:

Additionally, the ActivityOwner.wsdl, Export.wsdl, and ResourceAssignment.wsdl files provide a new field, IsActivityFlagged, which indicates whether the owner of the activity or the resource that is assigned to the activity has flagged the activity as important flagged the activity as important in P6 Team Member Web or the P6 Team Member for iPhone applications.

P6 Team Member Web Feature Support

P6 Team Member Web provides customization options for viewing dates, time, work units, and for setting the locale. The User.wsdl file contains new fields to support this feature:

Analytics Support

P6 Analytics provides an in-depth and comprehensive method for analyzing and evaluating project performance, project history, resource assignments and utilization. The BaselineProject.wsdl, Export.wsdl, and Project.wsdl contain new fields to support Analytics:

SAML Support

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