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Oracle® Secure Enterprise Search Administration API Guide
11g Release 2 (11.2.1)

Part Number E17595-04
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export creatable_type

Returns the XML description of an object.

See Also

export universal_type
exportAll creatable_type
exportList creatable_type


export creatable_type object_key [--OUTPUT_FILE=output_file] [--ENCRYPT_KEY=key]


export creatable_type object_key [-o output_file] [-e key]



A creatable type, as described in "Creatable Types".


Unique identifier of the object. See the object description in Chapter 2, "Administration Object Types."


Name of a file in which the exported XML document is stored. You can specify a simple file name, a relative path, or a fully qualified path. When executing on multiple instances, the export command creates a separate file for each one and appends the host name and port number to the base name.


Encryption key for passwords in the XML description of identityPlugin, proxyLogin, and source objects. The key must be at least eight ASCII characters long and include at least one letter and one number. Multibyte characters are invalid. If you omit this option, you are prompted for the key.


This example displays the XML for the rac alternative word.

SES>export altWord --KEYWORD=rac --ALT_KEYWORD="Real Application Clusters"
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<search:config productVersion="" xmlns:search="">
         <search:altKeyword>Real Application Clusters</search:altKeyword>

The next example creates a file named acme.xml containing the XML document for the acme skin bundle.

Note: The skinBundle object used in this example is disabled in Oracle Fusion Applications.

SES>export skinBundle --NAME=acme --OUTPUT_FILE=acme.xml
The object "[name=acme]" was successfully exported.
4 attachment(s) written to file.