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Oracle® Secure Enterprise Search Administration API Guide
11g Release 2 (11.2.1)

Part Number E17595-04
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Provides the administrative credentials for a stateful session. While the client maintains the HTTP session, credentials are not required in subsequent SOAP messages.

SOAP Message

<login xmlns="">
   <credentials xmlns="">
   <locale xmlns="">

Element Descriptions 

<login xmlns="">

Contains these elements:

<credentials xmlns="">

Provides the credentials for the Oracle SES administrator. It contains these elements:


Contains the password for <userName>.


Contains the user name of the Oracle SES administrator.

<locale xmlns="">

Sets the language for error messages. See Table 2-2, "Product Languages" for a list of valid codes.

If you omit this element or enter an invalid code, then Oracle SES uses the default locale of the system where it is running.

SOAP Faults



This example provides the credentials for a stateful session:

<login xmlns="">
  <credentials xmlns="">

This is the service response:

<ns2:loginResponse xmlns:ns2="" />