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Oracle® Secure Enterprise Search Administrator's Guide
11g Release 2 (11.2.1)

Part Number E17332-04
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Setting Up Oracle E-Business Suite Sources

The Oracle E-Business Suite connector uses the Oracle SES XML connector framework, where searching is based on Oracle E-Business Suite data available as XML feeds.

To activate an identity plug-in for Oracle E-Business Suite sources: 

  1. On the Global Settings page, select Identity Management Setup.

  2. Select Oracle E-Business Suite and click Activate to display the Activate Identity Plug-in page.

  3. Enter values for the parameters as described in Table 8-6. Obtain the values for these parameters from the E-Business Suite administrator.

  4. Click Finish.

Table 8-6 Oracle E-Business Suite Identity Management Parameters

Parameter Value

HTTP endpoint for authentication

HTTP endpoint of Oracle E-Business Suite that provides the user authentication and validation service.

User ID

Administrator user ID for posting data to the endpoint specified in HTTP endpoint for authentication.


Password for User ID.

To create an Oracle E-Business Suite source: 

  1. Activate an identity plug-in as described in the previous procedure.

  2. On the Home page, select the Sources secondary tab.

  3. Select Oracle E-Business Suite from the Source Type list, and click Create.

  4. Enter the source parameters as described in Table 8-7.

  5. Click Next.

  6. Click Get Parameters to obtain a list of parameters for the authorization manager plug-in.

  7. Enter the values for the authorization manager plug-in parameters as described in Table 8-8.

  8. Click Create.

After processing each data feed, the crawler uploads a status feed to the location specified in the XML configuration file specified in the Configuration URL parameter. This status feed has a name in the following format:

Table 8-7 Oracle E-Business Suite Source Parameters

Parameter Value

Configuration URL

URL of the XML configuration file providing details of the source, such as the data feed type, location, security attributes, and so on. The URL is a HTTP URL accessible over HTTP. Obtain this file from the Oracle E-Business Suite administrator.

Authentication Type

Enter the value Native.

User ID

User ID to access the data feeds. The access details of the data feed are specified in the configuration file. The user id can be obtained from Oracle E-Business Suite administrator.


Password for User ID.


The realm of the application serving the feeds. The parameter is usually left blank.

Oracle SSO Login URL

URL that protects all OracleAS Single Sign-on applications. Leave the parameter blank.

Oracle SSO Action URL

URL that authenticates OracleAS Single Sign-on user credentials. Leave the parameter blank.

Scratch Directory

A directory on the same computer as Oracle SES, where the status logs are created temporarily.

Maximum number of connection attempts

Maximum number of attempts to connect to the target server to access the data feed.

Table 8-8 Oracle E-Business Suite Authorization Parameters

Parameter Value

HTTP endpoint for authorization

HTTP endpoint of E-Business Suite that provides the user authorization service.

User ID

User ID.


Password for User ID.

Business Component

Name of the Oracle E-Business Suite business component being crawled. The values of the security attributes for which the current user is authorized in the realm of this business component is retrieved to build the security filter for the user when the user logs into Oracle SES. For example,

Security attribute values for anonymous user

Comma-delimited list of authorized values of security attributes for anonymous user. If the parameter is left blank, then the authorization service is contacted to retrieve the values of security attributes accessible for anonymous user.

Display URL Prefix

HTTP host information to prefix the partial URL specified in the access URL of the documents in XML feeds to form the complete URL. This complete URL is the display URL of the document when the document link in the Oracle SES search results page is clicked.

This value must form a valid URL when concatenated with the access URL element of an item in the data feed. Be careful to avoid having either two slashes or none when the values are combined. Thus, enter a trailing slash (/) if the access URLs do not begin with a slash, or omit the trailing slash from the prefix if the access URLs begin with a slash.