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Oracle® Fusion Applications Concepts Guide
11g Release 1 (11.1.2)

Part Number E15525-02
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2 Key Concepts

This chapter contains the following topics:

2.1 Key Oracle Fusion Middleware Concepts for Oracle Fusion Applications

Oracle Fusion Applications uses both types of the components that Oracle Fusion Middleware provides, the Java component and the system component. A Java component is an Oracle Fusion Middleware component that is deployed as one or more Java EE applications and a set of resources. Java components are deployed to an Oracle WebLogic Server domain as part of a domain template. A system component is a manageable process that is not deployed as a Java application. Instead, a system component is managed by Oracle Process Manager and Notification Server.

For more information on the Oracle Fusion Middleware components, see Oracle Fusion Middleware Concepts.

2.2 Oracle Fusion Applications Runtime Environment

After installation, a typical Oracle Fusion Applications runtime environment, shown in Figure 1-1, contains the following:

2.3 Oracle Database

Oracle Fusion Applications uses Oracle Database to store and retrieve all transactional and reference data and to store design-time data in repositories. After installation and configuration, the transactional database contains applications and middleware schemas, seed data, the tablespaces, and all other required packages. For more information, see Oracle Database 2 Day DBA.