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Oracle® Fusion Applications Marketing Implementation Guide
11g Release 1 (11.1.2)
Part Number E20372-02
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9 Define Segmentation Manager

This chapter contains the following:

Marketing Segmentation: Highlights

Marketing Segmentation: Highlights

Marketing integrates with Oracle Marketing Segmentation to provide customer segments, personalization merge fields, contact planning rules, and list formats.

Oracle Marketing Segmentation is fully integrated with Oracle Business Intelligence and uses the same metadata as the Business Intelligence reporting tools. Consequently, Marketing Segmentation has access to a library of available customer attributes, calculations, derived metrics, and data mining models.

Oracle Enterprise Manager incorporates the integration points between Oracle Marketing Segmentation and Universal Content Repository for the storage of lists generated for export.

Configuring segmentation for Marketing includes the management of the following tasks:

Segmentation Manager Configuration Parameters

Marketing List Formats

List Formats define the layout of files that you can use for a variety of purposes. While Marketing Segmentation supports five list format types, Oracle Fusion Marketing uses four formats. List Export Formats are used to define the customer data and other campaign-related information that is exported so that the campaign stage can be executed. For example, a list export format may provide a list file containing customers and addresses to a direct mail fulfillment supplier for printing and mailing or to create a call list to distribute to employees in a sales organization. E-Mail Server Formats are used to export the members of an e-mail campaign to the Oracle E-Mail Marketing Server. The e-mail personalization format is the type of E-Mail Server format that provides the columns that can be used as merge fields to personalize the e-mail message sent to each recipient. Campaign Load Formats are used to load the individual members of a segment or a segment tree to the campaign. Data Load Formats are used to import leads resulting from a multistage campaign, lead generation stage.

Content Management Integration

Configure deployment and connection parameters for Oracle Enterprise Content Management server repository using Oracle Enterprise Manager.

Contact Planning Rules

Contact planning rules allow you to define contact frequency and volume constraints that can be applied globally or against a specific customer communication channel. Contact planning rules use segment inclusion criteria to define the conditions where the rules apply.

Marketing Module Metadata

To support the segmentation process, the Oracle Business Intelligence Administration Tool provides a set of Marketing metadata, such as target levels, presentation catalogs, sampling factors, and schema mappings.