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Oracle® Fusion Applications Marketing Implementation Guide
11g Release 1 (11.1.2)
Part Number E20372-02
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7 Define Campaign Fulfillment System

This chapter contains the following:

Importing Marketing Suppliers: Explained

Importing Marketing Suppliers: Explained

You can create or update marketing suppliers by navigating to Setup and Maintenance and selecting the Manage Marketing Supplier Details and Distribution Profiles task or by importing data through interface tables. To import suppliers, you use the tool of your preference to load the data then use scheduled processes to import the data. Having a good understanding of the application object, interface tables, and destination tables will help you prepare your import data.

Consider the following when importing marketing suppliers:

Import Interface Tables, Destination Tables, and Application Entities

The marketing supplier consists of many entities that form the supplier. Each entity is tied to an interface table.


Spreadsheets containing detailed information about each interface table, including the interface table columns, defaults, and validations, are available from the Oracle Enterprise Repository by searching on a specific interface table name or initiating a search using the FusionApps: Interface Table asset type.

The following table lists the interface tables, destination tables, and resulting application entities:

Interface Tables

Destination Tables

Application Entities



Marketing Supplier




Distribution Profile and Delivery Channel Parameters

To obtain the unique IDs of existing application data, use the Define Data Export Setup and Maintenance task list.

Scheduled Processes

Navigate to Scheduled Processes to schedule the import of data from the interface tables to the destination tables.

The following table displays the process you can schedule to import marketing suppliers:

Process Name

Process Display Name


Import Marketing Suppliers