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Oracle® Fusion Applications Customer Data Management Implementation Guide
11g Release 1 (11.1.2)
Part Number E20433-02
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14 Common Customer Data Management Configuration: Define Source Systems

This chapter contains the following:

Source Systems: Explained

Source System Entities: Explained

FAQs for Source Systems

Source Systems: Explained

Source systems are used to import data into Oracle Fusion Applications, and are used within the application to identify source data information. You can specify whether the source system is a Spoke system, such as a legacy system, or a Purchased system, such as data from a third party provider. You can also specify what type of data will be imported using the source system, for example, you can specify that a source system will import trading community members.

You can configure the following for a source system:

Source System Code, Name, and Description

You can create a source system code to uniquely identify the source system. Source system codes are used by the application when creating references between source IDs and the Oracle Fusion Applications database IDs. You can create a source system name and description to provide information that is more descriptive than the source system code.


You cannot update the source system code once you have created the source system.

Source System Type

You must set up a source system as either a Spoke system, such as a legacy system, or a Purchased system, such as data from Dun & Bradstreet.

Enable for Items, Trading Community Members, and Order Orchestration and Planning

You should select which types of entities will be imported from the source system into the Oracle Fusion Applications database from the following:

You can select one or more of these entity types as required for the source system. It is important to enable the correct entity types because each import UI filters source systems based on their entity type. For example, if a source system is enabled for Trading Community Members and Items, then the source system can be selected as a data source in the Trading Community Members and Items import UIs, but the source system cannot be selected in the Orchestration and Planning import UI.

Source System Entities: Explained

Source System Entities are the entities, such as addresses and parties, which can be imported using a specified source system.

When you import data from a source system, all the entities in the source system data will be imported. Within the Source System Entities UI you can then choose to allow multiple source references, which allows mappings between one Oracle Fusion Applications database ID and multiple source IDs from the same source system.

FAQs for Source Systems

What happens if I allow multiple source system references?

Allowing multiple source system references means that when you import data from a source system you can merge multiple, or duplicate, source system records and create one record in the Oracle Fusion Applications database.

If you do not allow multiple source system references then an Oracle Fusion Applications database record will be created for every source system record. This means that you could potentially create duplicate records in the Oracle Fusion Applications database.