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Oracle® Fusion Applications Customer Data Management Implementation Guide
11g Release 1 (11.1.2)
Part Number E20433-02
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23 Common Customer Data Management Configuration: Manage Calendar Profile Option

This chapter contains the following:

Creating the CRM Common Calendar: Worked Example

Creating the CRM Common Calendar: Worked Example

The Oracle Fusion Customer Relationship Management (CRM) common calendar is used across CRM applications. The calendar utilizes the Accounting Calendar Default profile option that is not set when the delivered product is installed. First, create an accounting calendar with calendar periods appropriate for your CRM needs, and give it a unique name, CRM Calendar, for example. Then, you must specify that calendar in the Accounting Calendar Default profile option. Use the tasks noted below in the Set and Maintenance area to accomplish these tasks.

Creating the Accounting Calendar

  1. In the Set Up and Maintenance area, Overview page, All Tasks tab, search for the topic names containing Accounting Calendar
  2. Manage Accounting Calendars will show up in the results box. Click the Go To Task icon.
  3. On the Managing Accounting Calendars page, click the Create icon.
  4. Fill in the required fields as appropriate for the calendar and click Next. Make note of the name utilized as this will be required in the next topic.


    When creating the calendar, the first calendar date should be the first date of the period of the oldest historical data on which you will be reporting. For example, if you were to select January 1, 2010 as your first calendar date, you would only be able to enter or import historical data associated with this date and beyond.

  5. Insure that the calendar data is correct and click Save.

Managing the CRM Common Calendar Profile Option

The CRM calendar profile option needs to be associated with the new accounting calendar. Follow these steps:


While the Common Financial Calendar feature of Oracle Fusion Applications supports creation of more than one calendar, Fusion CRM may only be associated with one calendar. Many features of Fusion CRM utilize this common calendar profile option and changing it could result in the loss of data for one or more applications. Oracle strongly recommends that you do not change the selected Accounting Calendar Default (ZCA_COMMON_CALENDAR) profile option calendar value once it is set.

  1. Navigate to the Set Up and Maintenance, Overview page, All Tasks tab, and search for task names containing Calendar.
  2. Locate Manage Calendar Profile Option and click Go To Task.
  3. On the Manage Calendar Profile Option page, locate the ZCA_COMMON_CALENDAR: Profile Values sub page and click the one profile option value line.
  4. Click the drop down for Profile Value and select the calendar name that you created above. Click Save and Close.