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Oracle® Fusion Applications Post-Installation Guide
11g Release 1 (11.1.2)
Part Number E22380-03
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Business Process Execution Language; a standard language for defining how to send XML messages to remote services, manipulate XML data structures, receive XML messages asynchronously from remote services, manage events and exceptions, define parallel sequences of execution, and undo parts of processes when exceptions occur.


A block of data that contains three or more dimensions. An Essbase database is a cube.


Acronym for demilitarized zone. An isolated internal network used for servers that are accessed by external clients on the Internet, such as web servers, to provide a measure of security for internal networks behind the firewall.

e-mail bounce

An e-mail that is returned due to a temporary or permanent error condition.

financial reporting book

Comprised of reports and other documents such as text, PDF, PowerPoint, Excel and Word files. When run, the report data is dynamically retrieved from the database; the snapshot data remains static.


Acronym for File Transfer Protocol. A system for transferring computer files, generally by the Internet.

global area

The region across the top of the user interface. It provides access to features and tools that are relevant to any page you are on.

Java EE

An abbreviation for Java Platform, Enterprise Edition. A programming platform used as the standard for developing multi-tier Java enterprise applications.


Acronym for mail transfer agent. A software program that transfers electronic mail messages from one computer to another.


A comprehensive grouping of business functions, such as Sales or Product Management, that is delivered as a unit to support one or more business processes.

Oracle Fusion Applications Search

A special type of search based on technology that differs from that of most other searches in Oracle Fusion Applications. Oracle Fusion Applications Search is available in the global area and other places.

point of view

User selected dimensions that are not included in the grids at the row, column or page levels for a particular report. Only these dimensions can be overridden at run time, unless user also specifically defined Prompt for the dimensions on the grid.


Abbreviation for service-oriented architecture.