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Oracle® Enterprise Manager Cloud Control Advanced Installation and Configuration Guide
12c Release 1 (

Part Number E24089-01
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9 Installing Oracle Management Agent Software Now and Configuring Later

This chapter explains how you can install only the software binaries of Oracle Management Agent (Management Agent) at one point and configure the installation at a later stage. In particular, this chapter covers the following:


You can choose to install only the software binaries of the Management Agent at one point and configure it at a later stage to work with the associated Oracle Management Service (OMS). This approach enables you to divide the installation process into two phases, mainly the installation phase and the configuration phase.

During the installation phase, you invoke the script passing the -softwareOnly argument to copy the software binaries and create an Oracle home for the Management Agent. During the configuration phase, you invoke the same script passing -configOnly to configure the software binaries.

Understandably, the installation phase takes much lesser time compared to the configuration phase because the installation phase involves only copying of binaries. This helps you plan your installation according to the time and priorities you have.


This installation type is available only in silent mode.

Before You Begin

Before you begin installing a Management Agent, review the points outlined in Before You Begin.


Before installing the Management Agent, ensure that you meet the prerequisites described in Prerequisites.

Installation Procedure

To install only the software binaries of a Management Agent in silent mode, follow these steps:

  1. Follow the Step (1) to Step (7) outlined in Installation Procedure.

  2. Invoke the deployment script and pass the response file with the -softwareOnly argument:

    <Software_Extracted_Location>/ AGENT_BASE_DIR=<absolute_path_to_agentbasedir> RESPONSE_FILE=<absolute_path_to_responsefile> -softwareOnly


Do not pass the option -forceConfigure.

Configuration Procedure

To configure the software binaries of a Management Agent in silent mode, invoke the deployment script with the following options from the Management Agent home:

$<AGENT_HOME>/sysman/install/ AGENT_BASE_DIR=<absolute_path_to_agentbasedir> RESPONSE_FILE=<absolute_path_to_responsefile> -configOnly


The response file you pass here is the same response file you passed in Installation Procedure.


Do not pass the option -forceConfigure.

After You Install

After you install the Management Agent, follow the steps outlined in After You Install.