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Manage values for user attributes

Before you begin

Read Create users, Manage users and groups, Setting User Attributes, and Use roles and policies to secure resources.

You set or modify the values of attributes for a user that has been created in the Default Authentication provider.

To set attributes for a user:

  1. In the left pane select Security Realms.
  2. On the Summary of Security Realms page select the name of the realm (for example, myrealm).
  3. On the Settings for Realm Name page select Users and Groups > Users.

    The User table displays the names of all users defined in the Authentication provider.

  4. In the Users table select the user for whom you want to set or modify attributes.
  5. On the Settings for User Name page, select Attributes.
  6. For each attribute listed in the Name column for which you wish to set a value for a user, enter a corresponding string in the Value column.

    After each string you type, press Enter.

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