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Oracle® Fusion Applications Extensibility Guide
11g Release 1 (11.1.3)

Part Number E16691-04
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What's New in This Guide for 11g Release 1 (11.1.3)

Part I Introduction to Customizing and Extending Oracle Fusion Applications

1 Customizing and Extending Oracle Fusion Applications

2 Understanding the Customization Development Lifecycle

Part II Business User Customizations and Extensions

3 Customizing Existing Pages

4 Customizing Objects

5 Using Flexfields for Custom Attributes

6 Customizing the Navigator Menu

7 Customizing and Extending BPMN Processes

8 Customizing Reports and Analytics

9 Customizing Security for Custom Business Objects

Part III Developer Customizations and Extensions

10 Using JDeveloper for Customizations

11 Customizing and Extending ADF Application Artifacts

12 Customizing and Extending SOA Components

13 Customizing and Extending Oracle BPM Project Templates

14 Customizing and Extending Oracle Enterprise Scheduler Jobs

15 Customizing Security for ADF Application Artifacts

16 Translating Custom Text

17 Configuring End User Personalization

18 Customizing Help

19 Customizing the Oracle Fusion Applications Skin

Part IV Appendices

A Troubleshooting Customizations