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Oracle® Fusion Applications Sales Implementation Guide
11g Release 1 (11.1.3)
Part Number E20373-03
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16 Common Customer Data Management Configuration: Define Identifiers

This chapter contains the following:

Identifier Types: Explained

Identifier Types: Explained

You can set up additional identifier types to provide extensions to organization, person, or group party attributes. For example, you can create an additional identifier type to record a person's passport number.

You can choose which party types can use the additional identifier type, and these can be either a person, organization, or group party type, or a combination of these party types. You can also choose whether the value of the identifier type has to be unique, for example you can specify that each entry of a passport number has to be unique by selecting Yes for Unique Within Type.

Additional identifier types do not automatically appear in the user interface. If you want to use identifier types in the application you will need to call the web service Trading Community Member Name and Identifier Setup